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Chile Isla de Pascua Hotel Hangaroa Habitacion Salto

How many times have you thought that after searching for the best offer on flights, you ended up paying much more for accommodation? Do not know how to save on accommodation and find the best hotel deals ? We already tell you our tricks to get the cheapest flights and general to save on travel , now it’s time to find the cheapest hotels or, rather , the hotel you want, even the most expensive, at the best price .

Some of the tips that we give below will be useful for long trips , others for weekend getaways or a few days , but most are “timeless” and, although many may seem common sense, had you taken into account ever?

If you miss this trick to find the cheapest hotel that always gives you good results, tell us in the comments and we save everyone. And, keep in mind that it is about looking for the best price in the ideal hotel … and we have very clear how is our ideal hotel .

One of those tips to save at the common sense hotel : avoid high occupancy dates . We already discussed it with airplanes: if everyone wants to fly on a date, airlines rub their hands and prices go up … hotels do the same. Obviously you will not always be able to choose the dates of the trip – the weekend breaks are on weekends or the holidays that the company obliges – but, if you can, do not hesitate.

If you want to go to the Carnival in Rio or to Sidney’s New Year’s Eve, then you will have to go on carnivals. But if you do not care, travel to the city on another date: you will find much less people – and you will appreciate it – as well as better prices at hotels . In many cases they are local or national parties that, because they are not well known outside their borders, will not increase the price of the plane, but will increase the price of the hotels for tourists in the area. It happened to us in Carcassonne: we went on a bridge of a French holiday without knowing it, and the prices were much higher.

Belgica Bruselas Boutique Hotel Saint-Gery

If your intention when visiting a place with coast is not going to the beach, how about going in winter? The sea tends to make temperatures less extreme and the lack of tourists that hotel prices go down . We were at the Intercontinental in Malta the week before Christmas for 50 euros a night.

I have already said that the high season is the worst moment to find offers in hotels , how about going in low or middle season? Before you set off to book your flight to Uzbeskistan in February – as we did – check out the weather forecasts because flying not to leave the hotel is not saving money. Before you ask: we are “weird” and Uzbekistan in February loved us with its snowy mosques. In other places it will be summer, plan to travel to Madrid in August and you will see the hotel offers .

Modena Hotel Milano Palace Best Western

Banish the idea that a hotel on a weekend is always more expensive . Some cities have much more business tourism, which fills their hotels during the week, than weekend travelers. Find out what type your destination is and plan your trip to find the least occupation and the best price of the hotel . In any case, Sunday nights are usually the cheapest : tourists have left and business men and women have not arrived.

If you have to go in high season , when there is an event and there is no other option, do you have to stay in the center or even in the city? Think about staying in nearby towns that, although prices will also go up, will be cheaper. Having a coffee in Piazza San Marco in Venice is always more expensive than in Mestre …


Is it better to book well in advance or wait for the last minute offer to save when booking a hotel ? There is no exact science but, since the last minute in the case of hotels starts the afternoon of the day you want to stay, you may wait until then to be a little risky depending on the circumstances.

A TripAdvisor study on the best time to book a hotel at the best price – yes, they have only done the study for the summer -, give these tips:

In Europe prices skyrocket, reserving between 3 and 5 months in advance you can save up to 23% on hotel reservations
In the United States they remain stable and only 7% of savings are achieved in the hotel, reserving about 2 months
In Asia the conditions are like in Europe: 3 to 5 months for a 23% savings, although, two weeks before , hotel offers are again available
In the Caribbean you can save up to 7% in the hotel by booking 4 months before
3 months in Central America for 7%
4 months in South America for 20%, with more savings in recent weeks – yes it works the last minute at the hotel –
4 months for the Middle East with a 20% discount on the price of hotels
5 months in Africa for 21%, although prices fall again in the absence of 2 weeks
5 months for Oceania to get savings at the hotel of 19% or more
You know: foreclosed man is worth two and finds the best hotel prices .

Camino Santiago Albergue

Many times we start looking for the lowest hotel price and then we do not stop to think about whether the hotel will be well located or if, simply, it is good in general.

We always start by looking at the comments of the clients about the hotel in question. We have to say that they give us more confidence Booking because you can only leave a comment if you have made a reservation with them, while on TripAdvisor anyone can leave a comment, even without ever having crossed the front door.

Regarding the location , keep in mind that, in many destinations, urban transport – buses, metro, taxi … – can be very expensive and make us spend a lot of time. Time is money, even if it is not paid, keep it in mind.

As we discussed in the case of car rental , you have to know what is included in the price of the hotel before getting excited for having found the best offer. Will you have to pay for wifi or breakfast? Others include the transfer from and to the airport.

We must also assess other things such as that the reception is open 24 hours – or, at least, at the time we arrive. If you are looking for a pool, a gym … Or, something as “simple” as a room with a private bathroom . There are hotels that have rooms with shared bathrooms or bedrooms with prices that may seem dazzling but you have to know before taking the surprise when you arrive.

Risaralda Hotel Hacienda San Jose Baño

Finding the best hotel price by visiting the pages of the hotels of a destination one by one is impossible. From the start, because you will never know what all the hotels are and, of exit, because there is no material time. That’s why there are the reservation pages that offer all the accommodations and you can order them as you are interested. We use regularly: it is one of the largest with the largest number of accommodations ; there are both the big hotel chains and the small family hotels; the reservation is free and paid at the hotel; and its customer service is quite efficient.

Once you have indicated your destination, the dates of your stay and the number of rooms -including how many adults and how many children- you can sort the results by distance to the center; price; stars awarded by; customer score ; type of accommodation and facilities.

Canarias La Palma Tazacorte Hacienda de Abajo Habitacion

As I commented before,’s ratings are only for people who have stayed at the hotels, which makes them more realistic, and can also be filtered by the type of traveler. To read the comments you have to click on the score and, once on the comments screen, you can select the type of traveler that best suits you: solo travelers, couples, families, groups of friends or business travelers .

In addition to the search by destination, you can also do it by hotel profile , here , among family hotels, spa hotels, budget hotels and backpackers, romantic hotels, business hotels, golf and sports hotels, beach hotels, design hotels and luxury hotels. Without forgetting the apartments, the resorts, the villas and the hostels. Nothing is left out of the search engine.

In many cases, especially if you make a reservation months in advance looking for the best price, there may be last minute problems or changes in plans. Of course, if you book a trip with so much time, our advice is to take out cancellation insurance , in addition to the usual travel insurance , because in addition to the hotel you will have other expenses – in any case, check the conditions under which the cancellation insurance It is effective-. But, whenever you can, look for a reservation with the option of free cancellation . In the case of, it is indicated which hotels have that option included.

Francia Biarritz Hotel Palais Atardecer

Camino Santiago Albergue

If a hotel booking page is too small, try using the hotel comparators . As in the case of airline tickets, a hotel comparator searches several pages to offer you the cheapest prices for the same room. Our first option in this case is .

After indicating your destination, the dates and the number of rooms -including the number of adults and children- you can filter the results by stars; by price, indicating a range; by type of accommodation; by score; by facilities; by themes -from boutique or luxury to economic backpacking-; and by hotel chain. In addition to ordering the results by distance to the center; price -both from lowest to highest as well as highest to lowest- popularity; stars and customer valuation.

If you log in, it will offer you the best hotel offers of the day , store your preferences for future searches, send discounts …

Francia-Valle Loira Hotel Troglododo

You will be thinking that it is a “strange” advice, if you can spend several nights in the same destination, why would not you do it in the same hotel? Obviously, from that point of view, it does not make sense, but if you are going to move around a city it may be cheaper to stay at the same hotel every day and get around by car – look for the cheapest car rental and, Again, keep in mind the travel time. In many hotels there are offers of third or fourth night free -never in high season, everything can not be-.

We know that they exist although we are still looking for them … but, like the meigas , there are them because in many hotels there is a space in the booking form in which to include a promotional code that supposes a discount in the price . If you find one – or you have already found it – let us know and tell us how.

Risaralda Hotel Hacienda San Jose Baño

We already talked about this in the article on how to save on travel : small hotels from the afternoon lose money with each free room. You can try to haggle a bit and get a better price. In many countries of the world, haggling is an “obligation” and no matter what time you arrive, you always have to try.

Have you seen any airline offer plus hotel that you thought was impossible? Especially in Cancun or Riviera Maya beach destinations . We also. We have not yet been able to take advantage of them for lack of time, but we do not rule it out for the two reasons: because a single flight is almost more expensive and because hotels are usually very good. Once there you can move and even sleep somewhere else someday, you will continue to save money .

Peru Nazca Hotel Nido del Condor

I still remember when I was traveling with my parents in the summer and we spent 15 days on the beach. Can you imagine paying 15 hotel nights? A crazy, or with discounts for long stays. What my parents did was rent an apartment . Now it’s much easier with a lot of pages that offer vacation rentals . You have to take into account the same thing as with hotels: that is good, that is close, what is included … and the seriousness of the person on the other side. Note also that, usually, breakfast is not included and that you will not always have time to cook … you may not be interested in having a kitchen and be cheaper or better a hotel.

Villas Vall de Boi Taull La Bordeta

You may not know it, but on there are also rentals of this type and with direct confirmation at the time of booking, which is much more comfortable.

If there is a hotel chain that you particularly like, find out if they have a loyalty program . Even if you have more than one “favorite” chain, do not stop asking, many hotel chains are part of the same group, even if they do not advertise it. As with the airlines, go adding up points and get discounts , in many cases they also offer special discounts for your birthday.

Another way to save in hotels thanks to loyalty cards is with the miles or points of the airlines. Almost all have agreements with several chains both to add points and spend on stays.

We visited Europe and this are the most beautiful hostels we’ve stayed in

When you are young, traveling alone or with friends and do not mind sharing a room with other people, the hostels are ideal and the most economical option for backpackers who travel the world with little money. However, finding cheap accommodation and in good condition is not always easy. If you are looking for a hostel where you can recharge your batteries during your next trip, maybe I can help you because today you will discover that in Europe there are hostels that are true wonders.

Sponsored by Garcia

Below is a selection of the most beautiful hostels in the old continent:
Keep in mind: in some you have to make a reservation more than 2 months in advance.

Lavender Circus Hostel, Budapest, Hungary.

Hostal type apartment with vintage decoration inside a mansion of the nineteenth century. Ideal for couples looking for a love nest in the heart of Budapest. Prices: double rooms from 14 euros person / night.

Prison Hostel, Karosta, Latvia.

Hostel set in a military prison, but not only the decoration is military, the treatment by all the staff of the hostel will be in military tone. Breakfast is also the same as they put in prison. In short, if you want to feel what it is like to be behind bars without committing a crime, you already have a hostel where you can spend the night. The accommodation includes a tour of a real prison and a military museum. Prices: from 15 euros person / night.

The Babushka Grand Hostel, Odessa, Ukraine.

Hostel with authentic vintage rustic decoration, has up to a wood fire in the main hall. The hostel is very close to Arcadia, the best beaches and party clubs. Prices: 7 euros for a bed in a shared dormitory and 11 euros per person for a private bedroom.

Franz Ferdinand Hostel, Sarajevo, Bosnia.

This is the only boutique type hostel in the whole country. Modern, very well decorated, cozy, clean and minimalist. Everything you can ask for from a good hostel where you can spend a pleasant night or meet other travelers. Prices: 10 euros for a bed in a shared dormitory and 16 euros per person for a private double room.

Kadir’s Tree House, Olympos, Turkey.

Hotal with house-tree bedrooms very well equipped, as they have air conditioning, wifi, safe deposit boxes and laundry service. All in the center of Olympos and very close to the beach. Prices: 12 euros for a bed in a shared room with another 6 people and 22 euros for a private double room.

Generator Hostel, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Design, good price, with terraces, a spectacular bar, playground, in one of the best cities in Spain … What more could you want? It is located in the popular Gracia neighborhood, very close to the Diagonal and Verdaguer metro stations. Prices: 11,50 euros per night for a bed in a shared dormitory and from 22 euros for private rooms.

St Briavels Hostel, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

Sleeping in a castle with more than 800 years of history will not go very expensive. In addition, it is said that he is delighted and strange things happen, such as spirits that walk through the corridors or strange noises at night as if the dead rose from the tombs. Your stay can become a ghostly experience. Prices: beds from 24 euros. Private rooms from 74 euros per night. If you are afraid do not go.

Praakli Farm, Saaremaa, Estonia.

Hostal in the form of a farm in the middle of nature. It is a place for animal lovers, as they have chickens, rabbits, goats, cats and loose sheep surrounding the farm. Prices: bed & breakfast for 16-21 euros.

Oops Hostel, Paris, France.

Chic boutique-style hostel in Latin Quarter, one of the most elegant and quiet neighborhoods of the Gallic city. Prices: Beds in bedrooms for 4 people from 27 euros and private 70 euros per night.

Dream Hostel, Tampere, Finland.

Named the best hostel in Finland in 2013. Scandinavian decor, white colors, minimalist design, very comfortable rooms and excellent location near Pyynikki Park, Observation Tower, Tampere Cathedral, Lenin and Spy Museum. Prices: from 20 euros for a bed in a mixed dormitory of 16 or private bedrooms from 62 euros a night.

The Independente Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon is one of the favorite cities for backpackers who travel around Europe. The building now converted into a hostel was an old residence of the Swiss ambassador. It has 11 bedrooms, 4 private suites and a terrace on the highest part with stunning views of the entire city. Prices: from 11 euros for a bed in a shared dormitory and 85 euros for a luxury suite.

Plus Hostel, Florence, Italy.

Florence is the city of art and where the party is not missing either. Here we find a hostel with an outdoor pool for its guests, a sauna and a brutal terrace where the nights turn into pure magic.

Choosing a Hostel or Renting Someplace Else to Crash

When travelling internationally, the funds traveller will usually have three sensible choices when time comes to pick a hostel or someplace else to crash:

You’ll be able to hire resort rooms in every single place you go. This feature is the least price environment friendly and in some ways the least fascinating. Motels do not present the identical avenues for social exploration and camaraderie as different types of lodging whilst you’re on the highway. You will not possible meet another travellers and you are not more likely to join with any locals both as resort employees are likely to preserve knowledgeable distance from visitors.

Nonetheless, staying at a resort often is not a foul thought. It may possibly provide a good way to interrupt up your routine and expertise a brand new side of travelling. If you are going to keep in a resort, accomplish that in a rustic the place the foreign money charges work in your favor. Try this, and for slightly greater than the value of a hostel mattress, you’ll be able to hire a very spiffy, lap-of-luxury resort room.

You’ll be able to Sofa Surf. Looking on-line for people opening their properties to travellers is a good way to save cash on lodging as you journey. Add on the truth that most locals who take part in Sofa Browsing provide top-of-the-line methods to get an actual really feel for a metropolis and it looks as if searching for native properties to crash represents your greatest guess whereas travelling.

Sadly Sofa Browsing might be VERY hit and miss. It is nearly all the time inconceivable to seek out preparations final minute, it is usually tough to stick with the best rated properties with out reserving them far prematurely, and succeeding at Sofa Browsing usually requires an actual dedication to build up your social dynamics on the service’s networking website. Sofa Browsing is usually a nice choice for vacationers however it’s not the automated residence run as some paint it.

You’ll be able to keep at a hostel. Hostels characterize an ideal center floor between motels and Sofa Browsing. Hostels are mainly locally-owned-and-operated boarding homes the place you’ll be able to hire beds or rooms for very affordable charges. Hostels offer you alternatives to attach with pleasant locals and to make associates with different travellers as a result of mixture of shared residing quarters, giant widespread rooms and a daily stream of excursions and exercise teams leaving from hostel lobbies in any respect hours of the day and evening.
I extremely advocate staying in hostels, although I would like so as to add on the caveat that high quality varies WILDLY between hostels. Fortunately it is not tough to decide on an ideal hostel that may shortly really feel like a welcome residence away from residence.

By no means Select the Least Costly Hostel

One of many most important perks of hostels is the very fact they are typically very cheap in comparison with motels in most nations. Over an prolonged time period, that is actual financial savings. Costs do differ relying on while you journey (gradual season vs. busy season) and the town (the dearer the town the dearer its hostels). However I have been capable of finding high-quality hostels in main European cities for below $10 US (€eight euros, £four.50 British kilos) an evening.

That being stated, simply because hostels are usually cheap that does not imply it’s best to hunt down the most affordable beds round. Staying on the most cost-effective hostel you will discover is sort of all the time a foul thought for some huge causes:

A metropolis’s most cost-effective hostels are typically dirtier with much less conscientious and engaged employees members than their barely dearer counterparts. It is value spending slightly extra to get pleasure from your keep and obtain actual assist from the hostel’s employees.

A metropolis’s most cost-effective hostels have a tendency to stint on the amenities, which means uncomfortable widespread areas, inadequate bathe amenities and flimsy storage choices. It is value spending a pair additional bucks an evening to know your laptop computer is not going to be pried out of your locker whilst you’re out for the evening.

The cheaper the hostel, the more severe the neighborhood it is in. Typically “worse” means you are going to keep in a neighborhood with authentic security issues, typically it means discovering your self inconveniently positioned full with lengthy journey occasions to seek out the town’s life.

A metropolis’s most cost-effective hostel tends to draw the town’s weirdest lodgers. Sure, you’ll be able to meet good individuals at bargain-basement hostels. Sure, you are going to meet the odd weirdo at high-class hostels. However a metropolis’s most cost-effective hostels all the time have the best proportion of delinquent people and it is these people that are likely to deliver the loopy in a extra intense method than these socialized eccentrics you will meet at dearer hostels.
The excellent news is you needn’t go to a metropolis’s most costly hostel to keep away from all of the above issues. If you need an ideal hostel expertise you normally solely have to hire a mattress at a hostel charging just a bit bit greater than the town’s most cost-effective lodging. It seems like a small factor, however paying a pair additional bucks an evening makes a HUGE distinction within the high quality of your hostel expertise.

Learn Critiques

I usually advocate reserving your first couple nights at a hostel at one of many giant combination websites like as these websites make it simple to seek out obtainable lodging in your journey dates. It is also simple to seek out good costs and particular costs utilizing these websites.

However the BEST cause to take a look at giant hostel combination websites is the very fact they supply a house for consumer critiques. The entire huge hostel combination websites present a mix of written critiques and a numerical rating for all the hostels they characterize.

When trying to find a hostel solely seek for those who have obtained a score of 90% or greater. Hostels with a median score of 80%-90% are typically alright as nicely, however when you’re travelling to a well-trafficked metropolis you will not have any problem discovering loads of reasonably priced hostels with prime scores.

Testing Your Hostel

Even when you plan on staying in a metropolis for a month or two it’s best to solely pre-book 1-Three nights at your hostel of alternative. Regardless of how nicely reviewed a hostel could also be you do not wish to decide to an extended keep wherever till you’ve got had the chance to spend an evening or two there to judge it firsthand. Simply because different travellers liked a spot doesn’t suggest it can tickle your fancy.

In the event you discover you want the primary hostel the place you keep, be happy to ebook for an prolonged time period (and be sure you ask the entrance desk if they’ve any reductions obtainable for prolonged stays). But when the hostel would not fairly meet your wants go away after a pair days and check out a brand new set of beds, repeating the method till you discover someplace you are pleased to remain for weeks at a time.

Typically you will wish to change hostels as a result of:

You do not really feel protected.
You do not really feel comfy.
You simply do not like the opposite extended-stay guests.
You will wish to keep in one other neighborhood.
That is completely OK. The pliability provided by hostels is likely one of the largest advantages they’ve to supply, so take full benefit of this high quality to be sure you’re all the time staying precisely the place you wish to relaxation your head at evening.